Biomedical Research Education
Program of Puerto Rico

Student Enrichment Program

Specific Objectives

  • To encourage K-12 Puerto Rican students to purse careers in the biomedical sciences by identifying researchers that will volunteer to serve as role models and mentors.

  • To prepare and disseminate didactic materials, in Spanish, that will nuture the interest of Puerto Rican students on biomedical research and its importance in addressing health disparities.

Topics to be presented using these resources will include, recent achievements in biomedical research, methodologies and equipment utilize in biomedical research, biographies of Puerto Rican biomedical researchers, careers related to biomedical research as well as basic information on relevant diseases and/or conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, hypertension, obesity and AIDS.

Contact Information:

Emma Fernandez-Repollet, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

Telephone: (787) 763-9401
Fax: (787) 758-5206

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