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BREP Science Teachers Participate in the International Workshop "Microbes by the Sea", sponsored by Pfizer Foundation

BREP science teachers, Ms. Evelyn Díaz Valdés from the Jesús T. Piñ eiro School in Cidra and María J. Cruz Ocasio from the S. U. Ramón E. Betances School in Arecibo, were invited to participate in the workshop "Microbes by the Sea " held at the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Connecticut in July, 2005. This international workshop was supported by the Pfizer Foundation.

The goal of the project was to prepare middle and high school science teachers to introduce students to the importance of the microbial world through the inclusion of laboratory activities into existing or future science curricula. While structured around marine study, many of the activities were applicable to fresh water as well. Field work was performed at Barn Island.

As part of the workshop, teachers engaged in hands-on activities and demonstrations with experimental systems that can easily and inexpensively be used to teach basic principles of microbiology. Participant teachers are expected to incorporate workshop material into their curricula, and to share their experiences with other teachers at their home institutions.

The BREP Program thanks Pfizer Corporation and especially, Dr. Margaret Anderson for the professional development opportunity offered to these two science teachers. For additional information regarding Pfizer's efforts in the area of education, we invite you to visit their website at:

We look forward to continue this productive and exciting collaboration!

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