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BREP's Director of Research Education Participated in the BSCS "Keys to Science" Workshops, Sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation

Mr. Felipe Padilla, Director of Research Education of the BREP program, was invited to attend the "Content Updates through Scientific Inquiry" and the "Molecular Biology and Biotechnology" workshops at the Keys to Science Institute of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) organization in Colorado Springs, CO. Mr. Padilla's participation was sponsored by the Pfizer Foundation.

The BSCS was one of several research and development organizations created by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop curricula that encouraged students to learn science through inquiry. By bringing together the best scientists, teachers, and learning theorists, BSCS produced instructional materials that set the standard in biology education. BSCS is recognized for its leadership in the development of science programs at the secondary level and for its enduring influence on the teaching of biology. Their biology programs have been used in approximately 50 percent of the nation's school systems and have influenced virtually all biology programs used today. Most recently, BSCS has entered the professional development arena, offering a variety of programs including the Keys to Science Institute.

Participants in Keys to Science experience an intensive, six-day professional development program that enriches teachers' content knowledge by addressing both science content and teaching standards; demonstrating how to develop critical thinking among students; and developing teaching strategies that promote conceptual understanding. Activities include interactive presentations, field trips, laboratory investigations, and simulations that address ethical issues.

The BREP program thanks Pfizer Foundation and especially, Margaret Anderson for this special educational opportunity. For additional information regarding Pfizer's efforts in the area of education, we invite you to visit their website at:

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